zuckerbergWe’ve been having some fun with Throwback Thursday (#TBT) this month, venturing into the cellar each week to offer a special, limited release wine for sale in the winery tasting room for one day only.   In the spirit of #TBT, we offer a vintage photo, along with a couple of clues to help you as you   take a walk back in time to solve the mystery of our featured wine.

This Thursday, April 24th, we are offering an acclaimed Novelty Hill made from a grape that originally hails from the Northern Rhone Valley in southeastern France.  First made famous by the wines from Hermitage and well-established there by the 13th century, classic examples of this noble grape are also grown in Côte-Rôtie.  Our #TBT wine hails from our estate vineyard and was harvested the same year the guy shown here hatched an idea that has fundamentally changed the way we all connect.

A limited quantity of the wine will be available for purchase on April 24th from 11 am – 5 pm in the tasting room only.  Use Facebook to spread the word!